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*** WARNING: You may find some stories, content or photos on this website upsetting  ***

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Do you want to adopt a small pet?

Please phone Heather on 01494 863009 between 9am-5pm
(emergencies only after 5pm)


Some of our Rabbits looking for love ....


Lacey R25/13 is a young, pale and grey female rabbit who is full of fun and loves her food. She hopes to find a handsome chap to share meal times with.


Aida R6/13 is a pale and grey female lop, with tufty bits behind her ears!
Born August 2011


Archie (R96/12) and Amanda (R57/12) are a friendly male and female pair who are looking to find their forever home together.
Both born in 2012


Eva R29/13 is a Netherland Dwarf female.
Born in 2011



Marcie R30/13 is a Netherland Dwarf female.
Born in 2011


Autumn R87/12 is a gorgeous white and brown fleck bunny and a real
friendly girl.


Cassie R28/13 is a small Netherland Dwarf female.
Born in 2011


Harold (R14/13) and Hilda (R15/13) are a bonded pair of friendly rabbits looking to find new martial quarters to live out their lives together.
Harold was born January 2011 & Hilda was born July 2011.


If you would like to rehome us,

Please call Heather on

 01494 863009


R53/12 Blue is a lovely male rabbit, with a very handsome face.
R57/12 Bro another lovely male rabbit and brother to Blue.

Both born July 2012


Frank R70/12 is a lovely natured grey Dutch rabbit looking for a new home.
Born 2011.


R4/13 Charlie is a lovely boy looking for a female friend to help build his confidence and show him the joys of life.
Born January 201

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & Hamsters all make lovely pets and South Bucks RSPCA have many that are looking for loving homes...

Call Heather on 01494 863009


Jack (R98/12) and Lola (R3/13) are a bonded pair of friendly rabbits looking for a new start together.


R102/12 Gilbert is a handsome young adult male.



Marley R74/12 and Ellie R75/12 are both lovely rabbits.
They are a bonded male/female pair ready to find a new home together.


Alvin R67/12 is a very small and gentle rabbit.
Born 2011.


Jimmy R68/12 is a friendly and gentle chap.
Born 2011.

If you would like to rehome us,

Please call Heather on

 01494 863009



Rosie R20/10 and Joe R30/09, are a bonded pair of female/male rabbits, looking for a nice new home together.


Thea (R26/11) and Harry (R79/10)  are a bonded pair of rabbits looking for a new home together.


Oscar R64/12 is a grey Rex male hoping to find a new home.
Born May 2012.


George R65/12 George is a black Rex male looking for a new home.
Born May 2012.


Ramsey R62/12 is a brown Rex male looking for a nice new home.
Born May 2012.


Samuel R63/12 is brown Rex male hoping to find a forever home.
Born May 2012



Frankie R91/10 and Lenny R12/12 ..... Lenny and Frankie have found love whilst in our care and are looking for a home together.


Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters all make lovely pets and South Bucks RSPCA have many that are looking for loving homes.

Until we can find homes for some of these delightful animals we cannot rescue others that are in desperate need of our help.

If you can provide a safe and happy home to any of our small pets, please ring  Heather on 01494 863009.



Register below and provide further details of the pet you are seeking, we will keep you updated as new animals arrive.



Ten Things You May NOT Know About Rabbits....
  1. Give me space! - Rabbits need as much exercise as a small dog. Their accommodation should have a sheltered resting area. The enclosure should have plenty of space for them to move around freely, and allow them to sit up straight and look around.
  2. Two's company - Rabbits love living with other rabbits and shouldn't be kept alone. Neutered rabbits of opposite sexes can go together.
  3. Neuter for health - Always neuter your rabbits to prevent fighting, unwanted litters and cancer in females.
  4. Keep us together - Rabbits can forget their companions after a few hours. Take them to the vets together and never separate same-sex pairs.
  5. One of the family - Rabbits can be house-trained and make great house pets.
  6. Handle with care - Rabbits are shy and ground-living animals - they need time to develop trust with their owners before being picked up. Make sure you know how to handle them.
  7. The right diet - Rabbits' teeth never stop growing, so they need to grind them down as they eat. A diet of 80-90 per cent hay is essential, with only a small quantity of pellet food and vegetables. Provide clean water in a large, drip-feed bottle.
  8. Change the bed - Soiled bedding needs removing every day and the whole home should be cleaned regularly.
  9. Keep an eye out for us - Rabbits are prey animals adapted to hide signs of suffering and won't cry out if something's wrong. Keep an eye on them and take them to a vet if you think they have a problem.
  10. Vaccinate! - Rabbits need to be vaccinated against myxomatosis every six months and VHD once a year.

The adoption pages are updated regularly but we cannot guarantee that a particular animal will still be available or suitable for every adopter. In the best interest of the animal we reserve the right to refuse an adoption if the circumstances are not ideal for that animal.

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