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*** WARNING: You may find some stories, content or photos on this website upsetting  ***

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Exotic Birds in need of Adoption:

We receive many stray or unwanted birds, if you love birds and have room in your aviary, why not call Liz to see if there are any waifs or strays needing your help.

An assortment of Zebra Finches, Budgies & Cockatiels need to be homed into aviaries.
Unfortunately we do not home aviary birds into cages.

From time to time we do need homes for cage bond & hand reared parrots & parakeets. If you are interested in finding out more, or if you have previous experience & would like to home a tame bird, please email us and we can put you on our waiting list.

If you can provide a safe and happy home to any of our exotic birds; or if you are unable to cope with,
or due to unforeseen circumstances need to re-home your pet bird; or if  you have found an exotic bird please contact Liz:


01844 291884
(between 9am-5pm and leave a message)


Register below and provide further details of the pet you are seeking, we will keep you updated as new animals arrive.


The adoption pages are updated regularly but we cannot guarantee that a particular animal will still be available or suitable for every adopter. In the best interest of the animal we reserve the right to refuse an adoption if the circumstances are not ideal for that animal.

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