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*** WARNING: You may find some stories, content or photos on this website upsetting  ***

Donating Money & Leaving Us A Legacy:
Leave it to us Legacies Local animals need your help

Rescued, given veterinary treatment, cared for by volunteers with love and kindness, then given a second chance in a loving new home.

Cruelly abandoned this very young rabbit was found by a walker in a dreadful state, near death, in woods on an icy morning at Easter. Taken straight to the vet it was thought there was no chance of survival, but once clean, warm, fed, watered and given lots of tender care he amazingly came round. Toby
the Easter Bunny - has now been found a loving home.

Basil, the Crimson Rosella, spent 10 years locked up in a tiny, filthy cage with little food or water before being rescued. Malnutrition had left him almost totally blind and his little body was almost bare of feathers except for his red crimson head. In foster care, Basil now interacts with all his bird friends, has fallen in love with a yellow cockatiel and sings songs. He is certainly making up for lost time!

The RSPCA Buckinghamshire South Branch, which covers from Burnham to Thame and Chesham to Marlow, helps to rescue and rehome animals in the area. Some animals need our help because they have been badly treated or abandoned, others because their owners can no longer care for them. We give them any necessary veterinary treatment and board them until we can find them a safe, happy new home. We also give advice to owners and, if necessary, help with the cost of veterinary treatment.

Sootie the survivor                                  11 Feb 08
Sootie was in a road traffic accident and received a very bad leg injury where one leg was stripped to the bone. This amazing cat has survived, attending the vet for dressings three times a week for three months. His next visit is in June and he hopes to be signed off at last!
Sootie is only one year old with a friendly temperament but HATES VETS!!


Spot the lucky one                                           19 Feb 08


On a very cold night in February a puppy was found tied to a post on a sports ground with his toys, blanket, food and bowls in a carrier bag attached to his collar but no name! Luckily he was found early in the evening, taken to the vet where it was found he had a broken leg and was 5 months old. We named him Spot. With treatment from the vet and lots of tender loving care from his fosterers he soon recovered and has been rehomed with his new family. He is one of the lucky ones.

A legacy or bequest to the RSPCA Buckinghamshire South Branch

...will provide crucial funds we could not carry out our work without such generous support.

You can do this by making a Will or by adding a codicil (a document which specifies alterations to your Will). If you are making a will, please remember that the RSPCA Buckinghamshire South Branch and all the other RSPCA branches are separately registered charities. So, if you would like the animals in your local area to benefit, we would respectfully suggest that your legacy reads:

I give the sum of . (or specify a share of residue) to the RSPCA Buckinghamshire South Branch, registered charity number 243352, The Secretary, South Bucks RSPCA, PO Box 850, Amersham, Bucks, HP6 9GW, for its general purposes and I declare that the receipt of the Honorary Treasurer or other proper officer of the said RSPCA branch for the time being shall be a full and sufficient discharge for the said legacy.

Please note that a Will or Codicil needs to be properly witnessed, and you should obtain legal advice.

Gifts to registered charities are generally exempt from inheritance and capital gains taxes. A gift to the RSPCA Buckinghamshire South Branch would therefore greatly benefit the local animals with minimum burden to your estate.

Thank you

Hon. Secretary

Leave it to us ...  

RSPCA Buckinghamshire South Branch
PO Box 850, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, HP6 9GW
Tel: 0845 3707526
Registered Charity 243352


There are many ways you can support the South Bucks RSPCA financially. There is gift aid, personal standing orders/direct debits, you can leave a legacy or donate items for us to sell in our shops, as well as offering your valuable time and support.

South Bucks RSPCA has many bills to pay, we receive nothing from national organisation and only exist because of public donations.

We have to cover the cost of temporarily re-homing animals in kennels, catteries, and with fosterers. Each animal is checked on arrival by the vet and we ensure that animals are wormed, treated for ear mites etc, with all cats and dogs neutered and micro chipped too.

Some animals arrive having been involved in accidents and need urgent medical attention, something that can cost a great deal of money!

Your donations are invaluable to us, without local financial support we would not be able to help local animals in their time of need.

 Donate to South Bucks RSPCA & make a difference today .....

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Leave us a Legacy

Take care of what matters to you ....

A valid up to date Will is the only way to ensure the future happens as you wish. It's also one of the best ways to remember the RSPCA, our country's most effective animal welfare charity.

A gift in your Will not only shows you care, it also helps to safeguard the future of local animals in pain or distress, but you must specify South Bucks RSPCA is to benefit, or the national organisation will receive the legacy!

How you can leave money to the RSPCA.

There are 3 different ways:

  Residuary Legacy - the residue, or part residue, of your estate, after all debts and legacies are paid. This is very beneficial to us, as its value rises with that of your estate.

  Pecuniary Legacy - a specified sum of money.

  Specific - an item of value such as jewellery or furniture.

Please leave a legacy to the South Bucks RSPCA.

To download a pledge form....

By leaving a gift, you can leave it to us to carry on caring for local animals in need.

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