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About Your Local RSPCA

The South Bucks Branch of the RSPCA cares for all unwanted or abused cats, dogs, small animals and birds that have been found or rescued locally. Most arrive from homes that, for one reason or another, can no longer look after them. Supporting the work of the Inspectors and the Animal Collection Officers, our role is to provide accommodation for those animals that are at risk and after assessing, re-homing them to suitable new homes.

South Bucks RSPCA is one of 169 branches (as of January 2012) of the RSPCA that are found across England and Wales. Every branch of the RSPCA is run independently as a charity. Although we are affiliated to the national RSPCA, the branch is largely self funding, relying on the generosity of the general public and income from our shops.

The support of the community is vital to the survival of our branch and the continuance of its work. All the money raised locally is spent locally, which means that every donation, however small, really does make a difference to an animalís life.

The branch is headed by a Committee of dedicated volunteers, whom in return rely heavily on volunteers to carry out a variety of roles such as welfare work, fundraising, fostering, home visiting, shop work and much more. Volunteers are the back bone of our branch, without them there would be no branch and no help for our local animals.

The branch now has 4 Charity Shops, in Princes Risborough, Chesham, Burnham and Amersham. These shops are vital in generating an income for the branch, as well as raising an awareness of us and our work.

Over the years we have re-homed thousands of animals, amongst others dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, ducks, budgerigars, cockatiels, chinchillas and many more. With the help of our community we aim to continue this good work.

Your LOCAL branch helping LOCAL animals.

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