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  You might be able to reunite a lost pet and its owner...


Are you a cat lover with a spare room and love to spare? 

We are in urgent need of   INDOOR FOSTER HOMES  to give temporary
accommodation and lots of TLC to cats/kittens, in our care,
who are waiting to find their forever homes.

You would be given help and full support from the branch including litter, food and equipment.

If you are interested please ring Britta
on 01628 634 796

The kittens and cats in these photos are the lucky ones, who have been looked after by their
fosterers and have now found caring homes.

RSPCA 24 Hour Emergency Help Line  0300 1234 999

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Why not let a Lurcher leave a paw print on your heart today?

There are so many lost cats in this area, and we have seen the heartache when a beloved pet goes missing.
Why not get him/her microchipped.

We would be willing to do this for you, and if you or the cat have difficulty with travelling we would arrange a home visit.
Why not discuss this with HEIDI (01494 564026)

If so a safe collar with a tag, saying 'This cat is microchipped' is strongly recommended.
The cat can then be recognised immediately that it is not a stray, quickly scanned and returned to the owner.

South Bucks Volunteer Vacancies
Get Involved .....

Volunteers needed for
Fund Raising, Street Collection and the Charity Shops.

Take extra care to stop pets dying from antifreeze poisoning

We are calling on the public and all antifreeze manufacturers to ensure that this winter does not have fatal consequences for cats or dogs.
Following the tragic case of five cats dying from antifreeze poisoning on the same day in Norwich in December, we are renewing our plea for the public to take extra care when using the product....

Homes Wanted for...

Do Something Wonderful Today...

...Adopt a Small Animal in Need!
South Bucks needs your help, we have in excess of 50 rabbits looking for good homes.
If you are able to help please visit our adoption page by clicking on the link below...


( Your donation includes free neutering and the first myxomatosis inoculation)



Click Here



There are collection boxes scattered all over our area
and this valuable income helps the
many  animals in our care find new homes.

Thank you...
to everyone who puts pennies or pounds into these boxes.
If you could place a box near you or,
if  you have a box that needs emptying,

Please Contact  Elaine on 01494 527605

Would You Like To Help? Become A Fosterer

Short-term or Long-term They Need Your Help


Can you offer Temporary or Long-Term accommodation to one or more of our pets?
You will be rewarded by the love and affection they give you whilst in your care.
We provide everything the pet needs, with help and advice always available at the end of the telephone.

Exotic Birds

Most people are 'pig ignorant' when it comes to food labelling on pork products, according to a new poll commissioned by the RSPCA.

Take action for pigs

Please show your support and join us in Rooting for pigs!
  • Watch the RSPCA campaign video and sign our online petition at:
  • Buy the highest welfare pork you can afford - where to buy Freedom Food labelled pork products.

    Read more about the RSPCA 'Rooting for pigs' campaign at:

    Jamie says: "I very much support the RSPCA's 'Rooting for pigs' campaign as I think that the public needs clearer labelling when it comes to meat, particularly pork and bacon, as the variation in pig welfare across Europe and the world is so diverse," says Jamie.

    "How many people outside of the industry know the difference between 'outdoor bred' and 'outdoor reared', for example? Not many."


    Most of us already know what our carbon footprint is, but what about our Farm Animal Welfare Footprint? Visit & discover your farm animal welfare footprint.

    KIDS...We also believe that it is important to encourage your children to think about animal welfare so we have created a fun activity you can do with them. Create farm animal masks! But, don't worry as we have created four templates (a sheep, cow, pig and hen) for you to print.


    Don’t Skip The Chips

    Learn more about  Microchipping &  some of it's success stories

    The magic of microchipping
    23.06.08 A couple from Dorset have been reunited with their long-lost pet, Brambles, after nearly three years - all thanks to the 'magic' of a microchip... 

    Pet Care

    An assortment of information for you about different pets, their needs & wants, health tips, handling tips & if they are the right pet for you.

    Read all about it...... more

    Lost & Found Register ~If you have lost a pet, what should you do?
    Find out here ....


    Recycling ~ The South Bucks RSPCA can benefit from your old stamps, foreign coins, printer cartridges and old mobile phones... more

    Find out how you can help the RSPCA ~
      Fostering, Volunteering, Donating - in fact there are many ways we urgently need your support... .. ....more

    Did you know ~
     South Bucks RSPCA is totally independent of the RSPCA Head Office, this means we have to raise all our own funds to help, rescue & care for all local animals in need ... .. ... more

    Join the RSPCA ~

    HELP protect animals from cruelty by joining the world's largest animal welfare organisation, the RSPCA... more

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    Adopt a pet ~

    Last year South Bucks RSPCA found homes for over 400 animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs as well as other small animals and birds.

    Can you provide a caring home for a loving pet?

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